What am I doing?

I know I’m kind of all over the place a lot of the time. Situations change, minds change. But I thought it would be good to clear up, at the very least for future me, what I’m actually doing right now.

  • New Rules of Lifting Supercharged: started Basic Training II today. Training 3 times a week.
  • Walking: 8.5km every day, weather permitting.
  • Running: Started Couch to 5K again. Doing this every other day, integrating it into my 8.5km walking route. Weather permitting.
  • Diet: 1500 calories or around 6000 kilojoules daily. Focusing on protein, my macro split is 35% protein, 35% fat, 30% carbs. Also focusing on real meat and vegetables (non-processed, generally, so no Sizzler sausages or chicken nuggets), and the occasional bit of home baking. Protein powders and bars are okay though. Eating out once or twice a week, as long as it stays under my kilojoule limit.

More detail about food, as per my selfish desire to write about food

I’ve been eating things like burgers, KFC, sushi, and curries when we’ve eaten out recently. I’m not going to worry much about it, because I really enjoy these foods, and as long as I can make it work with my kilojoules, I can have them. Tony and I have finally discovered the amazingness that is Big J’s, which is a burger takeaway place a short drive away. It looks like a skody takeaway shop in an average suburb, but what comes out of there are the best burgers we have ever had. Basically, all I want to write about is the delicious crust on their meat patties – it’s dark, crispy, and flavoursome. I’ve never had a burger so masterful.

But I think this means it’s time for me to buy some groceries, because we haven’t got much fit food in the house right now and I am yet to have breakfast.


New this week

I’ve upped my kilojoules slightly and placed an emphasis on protein, from this week onwards. It’s hard, definitely, because carbs are so delicious, and I’ve been making a lot of feijoa jam and wanting to try it every day (you know, to make sure it still tastes like feijoas).

But to make things a little easier for myself and for Tony, I cooked a batch of meat slop. Most of us who frequent /r/fitness on reddit will be familiar with it: Basically beef mince and cabbage with spices, a good easy way to get some protein in you. I added in some onion, garlic, carrots and celery and fish sauce, and have a big bowl of it in the fridge that I have been chipping away at all week. As you may know, I absolutely love Korean food, and I’ve found that adding a drop of sesame oil, a tiny bit of soy sauce, and a big teaspoon of gochujang to a serving of meat slop transforms this otherwise average dish into something deliciously Korean-esque. Rather than having it for main meals, I’ve been having a bowl of meat slop as a late afternoon snack, and then preparing something more exciting for dinner.

The other new thing this week is my protein powder. I’m now lactose-intolerant, so my taste tests of 2012 aren’t of use to me anymore. I ended up choosing Nutra Life’s Whole+ protein powder in the chocolate flavour.

It does not taste like chocolate.

It does taste healthy. It is kind of gritty, a strange, fine grittiness, but as part of a smoothie it becomes quite enjoyable.


I kind of want another one now.

Gym-going is going well, but I’ll write a bit more about that in a separate post later.

Food Hangover

I’ve had a fairly enjoyable last few days.

Is a food hangover a thing? Bon Appetit seems to think so (though I’m always suspicious of broscience), and it looks like time is the main healer. Ugh. I just want to crawl back into bed…

But thinking back to those excellent In-N-Out-style burgers, and the super crispy sweet & salty chicken & waffle, and that excellent dark chocolate creation…

Worth it.

Time to get back on the wagon today. If only I felt like eating.