First week

It has been a really difficult week. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to the end, but I got up, got to the gym for each of my four workouts, and came home, and here I am still, eating the last of the beef barbacoa and in need of a shower that I just don’t feel like taking right now.

I’m enjoying the split setup of LiveFit. My favourite day has been Day 1: Chest & Triceps, even though pushups are really hard and I hate them. Day 3, Wednesday, AKA Leg Day, was easily the worst.

parks-and-recreation-Jean-Ralphio-the-worst-worst-woooorst-1372637673pI’m not a huge fan of all the machine exercises like the leg extension, which felt weird, and wrong. Bad weird, and bad wrong. The one free weight exercise, wide stance squat, was… Okay. I think I have super tight quads, because after about eight reps, my thighs don’t seem to physically move very well at all. Oh yeah, and since my appendix surgery, barbell squats tend to aggravate my appendix site. It has been sore for the last two days. It hadn’t been sore since August 2014. Squats may be out for me.

Hilariously, Tony joined me for his very first ever Leg Day and did the exercises along with me. He’s still hobbling today – his hamstring DOMS seems to have matured overnight. It’s quite funny. He probably doesn’t think so.

Aside from actual gym-going, we have been trying to do a walk each evening, usually no less than 2.5km. It’s a nice way to catch up and also get more steps to beat my FitBit friends in the Workweek Hustle. It will happen one day. There’s a dog park not too far away, so yesterday we headed out there for my dog watching fix. It was great. We received a ridiculously enthusiastic greeting from a terrier of some kind (Schnauzer?), saw a chocolate lab and a pinscher make friends and run off into the distance (worried owners trailing behind), passed a border collie obsessed with his tennis ball, and watched a Rottweiler being a doofus and rolling around in the grass while her owner tried to get her to play fetch. Way more interesting than walking around the streets! It will have to become part of our regular walk now.

Now I have two rest days to look forward to. Sweet.


Join me in September for New Rules: Supercharged!

I’ve been thinking about it since I began New Rules of Lifting for Women: What comes next? Back to Starting Strength? Try out Jamie Eason’s LiveFit, or another hypertrophy programme?

After some thought, I decided that the next programme I’ll do is another New Rules one: Supercharged! From what I’ve heard, you can choose the exercises you want to do, which is quite appealing. This also means that beginning and advanced lifters alike can do the programme.

I’ll start in September, which is a good time to start for the Southern Hemisphere summer, and should be ample time to purchase and read the book.

Want to work out along with me? I’d be very happy for some in-person or online company!