Late Saturday Lunch



2 Frenz free range eggs,  45g chorizo,  5g butter,  1 piece Vogel’s Chia &  Roasted Flaxseed toast. The green is flat leaf parsley, which I picked from the garden and forgot to measure.


“Poached” egg on toast with brie and cos lettuce

Eggs, toast, lettuce, brie


I really love eggs, especially poached, so I was stoked when I found out you could make them in the microwave with these cute Matroyshka cups. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to get a perfectly poached egg – these overcook the yolk and undercook the white, so I just end up smooshing it all up so it looks a bit like scrambled eggs. Sadface.

With the addition of cheese and cos lettuce, you have a very satisfying version of Caesar salad. Puhoi Brie is my cheese of the week and it is excellent slightly melted on the warm toast.

Ploughmans Sunflower & Canterbury Linseed bread, Frenz egg, cos lettuce, Puhoi Brie

Calories 237
Protein 7g
Fat 7g